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We follow the Bible here

Carried in the Cross is staying home, wearing masks and social distancing, as well as getting the vaccine. We here believe that God will protect us, but sometimes God protects us by giving the means to protect ourselves, that’s why we wear shoes isn’t it? God will protect our feet if we ask Him to, but he gave people the knowledge to make shoes so we don’t have to ask Him to keep is from stepping on a rock, now we can step on many rocks without injury and thank God that we have the shoes to make that possible. God gave us health experts so that we would have the knowledge of how to defend against disease, we pray for protection, yes, but we also follow the health rules and thank God for giving us people who study and understand our bodies and how to protect them from illness.
We also follow the rules because the Bible says to listen to those who are in charge over you, maybe some don’t know this, because they never attended Sunday School, but it’s in there. People say, ‘but Mosses stood against Pharaoh.’ Pharaoh was oppressing God’s people in slavery, he was beating them and working them, that is a very different situation than what we have now. If the government stood against us having church services on TV, or on YouTube, and took away our Bibles, then they would be oppressing us, but if we fight back against them now for no reason other than to make noise, they could shut us done completely and have full rights to do so. Everyone from every church that I know and talk to -via email- say how disappointed they are in the Churches that are protesting. Some Christians are receiving threats on their lives, and no that’s not persecution, this is people responding to the church risking lives and being selfish and very un-christian and people don’t know the difference between those who are and those who aren’t, they just see ‘church’ and blame us all. Read you Bible, what these protests are doing is breaking God’s laws. So please, don’t say you are a Christian unless you are going to act like it.

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