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In the quiet

In the quiet.

With the new Covid lock down we are having to change things up. Walking my dog has been one of the things I have had to change, he still needs walks but I can’t take him where there are people. Last weekend I took him on deer paths instead of following the main trails. The further you walk down these trails made by generally shy and flighty animals you draw further and further away from the people noises around you. You can’t hear vehicles any more and the sound of noise fades away, no more construction or five different people’s music competing against eachother and suddenly the birds are the only song you hear, a bubbling stream rolls past you and you feel peace. That is the moment you can worship without even trying. We struggle to fill our souls with God and to be in the moment because there is so much noise pollution in the world, you can’t concentrate on God because there are too many distractions. So get out of the noise, go into a place of quiet and see if your soul doesn’t take a deep breath and starts seeking God hungrily, it’s not your fault if you struggle to seek God, you just need to get away from all the noise.

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