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Lent devotional 6

Civered by His feathers

Covered by His feathers.

Recentally I watched ‘After Earth’. The scene that caught my mind and caused me to cry was of course the scene with the eagle. I think she was an eagle at least. When she takes the boy and hides him from the overtaking sudden earth freeze, then he wakes up to find she has died because she covered him with her body to save him. It reminded me of the stories my grandpa tells of times on his farm as a boy, several times he witnessed a mother bird cover her babies with her feathers and fend off fire, rattle snakes, even large cats, sometimes dying in the process, but her babies always came away unharmed because of her sacrificial love. There is a reason God says He covers us with His feathers and shelters us with his wings (Psalm 91:4)
Because the wings of a protecting parent are warm and strong and secure, even when stretched out to cover their young to protect them from a death that the parent takes willingly in their place, the wings never fail to be a safe place of hiding. Find shelter in His wings dear fledglings, they will always be there to shelter you, they took pain and death for you before, don’t ever doubt that they love you enough to sheild you again.

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