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Woman’s day

Lent devotional 7

Woman’s day

My mother and I have a saying, ‘I can’t fix all of it, all I can do is what is infront of me at the moment.’ We say it often because it is hard to follow through with. We get our heads so attached to everything all around us that we can’t even begin to focus on what we have to do at the moment, then nothing gets done and we get frustrated. There were many women in the Bible who did amazing things for God, by doing what was right infront of her to do at the moment. She couldn’t fix everything that was happening around her, but God gave her a role to play that led to the solution of the big problem. If she had gotten caught up in the big picture and couldn’t focus on what she was supposed to do, nothing would have changed. In Esther’s case it was a dinner party that led to the King knowing that he was being swindled into killing all of Esther’s people. All she had to do was what she knew how to do, give a party, God caused everything else to fall into place. For Mary, it was to wash the feet of Jesus with her hair and thus fulfill a prophecy. For Mary Slessor it was to go to country she had never seen to help people she had never met, to stop the killing of twins, to forward woman’s rights to live and receive medical care despite the teaching of their ancestors that these woman had no value. All she could do was be the powerful woman she was and do what she saw infront of her to do.
We get caught up in our own heads that we forget that God has that big, scary big picture in His hands and all He wants is for us to do our best at the task He has given us, then He wants us to let go and give everything over to Him.

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