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Lent devotional 8

Taken your meds today?

The other day my dad said something really funny. It took an everyday moment and made it brighter because it made me laugh. Later I shared what my dad had said with my mom, who had gone to bed before dad made his five star funny. Guess what? She laughed too, then we reminded my dad about what he had said so he ended up laughing at himself.
When people say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ it’s true. When you laugh, or cause someone else to laugh, it makes you feel better. It takes a God who delights in His people to create laughter. Is it necessary? Maybe not. Does it make life more enjoyable? Yes. God likes to see you smile and laugh, He likes to see you spread joy to others, if He didn’t He would have made mouths a single, straight line and He would never have created the chemical released by your brain that makes you happy when you laugh. So laugh. Tickle yourself pink ( okay, maybe don’t do that, that would be a sign that you couldn’t breathe) but laugh, find joy, and always remeber that God likes to see you smile, He delights in you.

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