We are not sharks

Sharks swim to stay alive. It has been proven that most sharks will suffocate if water is not moving through their gills and filtering in oxygen. That’s just how God made them. We act as though we are sharks. Keep moving! Keep driving! Onward and upward! Go! Go! Go!
So when God decides to make is stop, even to make us pause, we panic. We feel as though we are going to suffocate. An image flashes before our eyes of us sinking to the bottom and never moving again. Do you know what happens if you take hold of a shark’s tail so it can’t keep swimming? It panics. It thrashes around and fights to get free. Of course it does, it will die if it stops. But we won’t. Sometimes God makes us stop to protect us. Sometimes God makes us stop to get our attention. Sometimes God makes us stop just so that we take time to be quiet and be near Him. He always has a reason for making us stop, so don’t panic. In moments of ‘stop’, be still, quiet down and ask God what He has planned. He has a plan you know. You just have to listen to Him.

Please do not go around harassing sharks to see if these facts about them are true. Scientists have done the work already, and in such a way that the sharks were not harmed. So please. Leave them be.

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