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Have you ever been so hungry you felt like you were starving? I’ve seen animals get to the place where they eat plastic containers, because they once held food and still smelled like something you could eat. That’s starving. Our guest speaker last Sunday spoke on hunger. She asked: Are we hungry for God? Good question. We look around and see a world that is so hungry for God, but they don’t realize it, so they settle for anything that seems like it might satisfy that knotting and aching. Yet all they are eating is plastic that smells like food, it’ not real food. The only satisfaction for our pangs of hunger, is God. It may sound like a cliche, but reading your Bible and praying is truly the only way to satisfy the need. As the English say, we need to strap on the ole’ feed bag. We pick and nibble at God’s word and prayer, but do we get so into being with Him that we are willing to strap ourselves to Him? Do we set aside time and dedicate to reading the Bible and praying? Or do we just treat the filling of our hunger like a child with a bag of snacks, picking out some of what we like and then hiding the rest under the couch so we don’t have to eat it?
We are in a starving world, yet we don’t reach out and take from the only one who can satisfy us. His hand is open and ready to give to us, yet we play shy. Like my horse last night. I brought him out extra oats. But did he come and take them from me? Of course not. He tossed his head around and acted like I had nothing to offer him. Why? Because he was being a brat, he did take his feed eventually because he did want it, but he had to pretend like he didn’t, just for the sake of it. We know God has what we need, yet we refuse to take it from Him, we shake our heads and act like He has nothing to offer. The difference between God offering to us and us offering to someone, is that eventually we will give up and move on, but God will keep reaching out no matter how many times you reject him. I am so grateful for that character in him. So? As our guest speaker asked last week, are you hungry?

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