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What did our triumphs grow in us?

As our trials bleed into triumphs, what do we look like on the inside? A little worn? A little battered? A little stronger? A little braver?
It’s okay if your trials have left damage behind, God can easily clean that up, and Jesus has that damage on him too because He was going through the trial with you. Muscle gets stronger by being torn down and built up again. Our hearts are the same. Every time we are torn apart we come back stronger. Aren’t we stronger than we were as children? As pre-teens? As teenagers? As adults? We are enduring creatures. We grow. We are stronger than yesterday. Stronger than a week ago. Even stronger than we were five minutes ago, because our strong God is giving us His strength to live on. Thank you Jesus for never leaving me torn down, but for instead making me grow stronger and giving me your strength. Amen.

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