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Siblings with you

As brothers and sisters in Christ I have always felt a certain connection to my ‘siblings.’ As in where when a Christian does something amazing I feel proud of them, but when we do something shameful I have noticed that that reflects on all of us.

I never want to feel shame for being connected to other Christians, and some of the time the Christians doing shameful things are Christian in name only, not always, but sometimes. Sometimes even pastors do things that are shameful to God. In fact all of us do from time to time. But I am sure that we all enjoy that feeling of pride about being Christian and connected to Christ. Proud of who Jesus is and that we know Him. When one of us does something bad it is natural for the world to point a finger at all of us as a whole. I don’t mean those things that we are working through, I mean the things like protests. Sorry guys. That’s not Christ like. Riots. Not a WWJD moment. Slander. Too many do that. I constantly hear non-Christians say, ‘I would like to go to church but the Christians don’t want me there.’

We aren’t better than anyone else guys. Sorry ’bout that, but we aren’t. Jesus is. Only Jesus is.

We need to act in a way that cause other Christians to be pleased about their Christ Saved identity and to not hide their heads and appomogize for being Christian.

All of us do great things for God too. Big things and little things. We are capable of amazing. Let’s aim for that. Or at the very least, can we aim for being more Christian in our actions. Not in a ‘holier than thou way.’ But in an, ‘trying my best to be my best’ way.

Let’s be proud again to be Christian.

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