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Power of a leader

In a land untouched by modern schemes and civilization lived a man. He was in training to be a powerful warrior of his land. Once he passed his final test he would be privalaged to read the tribe’s two scrolls of power, the scrolls were the reason the tribe was so powerful. On a bright and moon filled night the tribe was attacked, the man fled with the two scrolls so that the attackers would chase him and leave the tribe alone. In a desperate flight he managed to avoid the attackers for a very short period of time before being captured, but he managed to hide the scrolls. After several days of suffering the man was rescued. He returned to his tribe a different person until his people found the scrolls and the tribe leader chose to show them to the man. He opened the scrolls with care, in astonishment the man read on one worn scroll the words, kindness, on the other he read, loyalty. The man stared at the tribe leader, who nodded with a smile. “Our power comes from being kind to all our people and being viciously loyal to them also. We would have given the scrolls to the attackers if need be, their presence means nothing to our tribe, but their words are the foundation of our whole existence. Those words are worth protecting. As are those cheractoristics within your heart. Guard your loved ones loyaly and always treat them with kindness and you will always find a helping hand where you need one.” The man’s heart swelled and he realized that it was the kindness of his leader and the loyalty of his people that had rescued him from the attackers, and that when he thought about it, that truly was the heart of his tribe.
To be a powerful leader you require loyalty to your people and your cause, and kindness to those around you. Jesus is the most powerful leader, and He leads with kindness to us and loyalty to His Father. Because, as the little girl in children’s church said, “That’s because our Father God loves all of is equally.”

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