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What was that God?

It isn’t that God no longer speaks to us, we have just forgotten how to listen.
God has never been very loud. To be honest there are times when I feel like Horton listening to the clover. And usually while listening you get a lot of loud and obnoxious things come up to distract you and then you lose all hope ever hearing what you thought was the voice again so you give up. Yep. That’s me too. But the point is to not give up entirely and to instead try again. You might be surprised at how Good God is at repeating Himself. I was. He doesn’t get annoyed and say, ‘weren’t you listening the first time?’ He just quietly repeats Himself again and again until you nod and go, ‘okay God, I’ve got it now.’ Just keep listening, and when you think you hear God pause and ask, ‘what did you say God?’ See what He says.

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