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Lent devotional 28

Spring has popped up and now we have the pleasure of bees. I feel like bees are in the ‘super misunderstood’ club of the animal world. Bees stingers hurt so they get a bad reputation, but they truly just want to do their jobs. They collect pollen and cause plants to grow. In fact bees have an intricate system that they live in and even have their language, which is super cool! But they buzz and that makes people dislike them. There are many people out there who are like bees. They work hard and do important work, they are unique and wonderful people truly… but there is something about them. The way they talk or how they dress make them unappealing. Why?  Good question. Why? These are people just like us they’re just unique. There isn’t any real reason to not like them but because of a judgment we choose to avoid them. Like the bees they are misunderstood. Maybe you are one of these people. If you are, remember, Jesus’ followers were odd in the eyes of many,  even hated, but Jesus loved them and helped them do great things! Even if you are misunderstood, Jesus gets you and He loves your unique oddities.

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