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Lent devotional 29

Christianity isn’t always clean and straight forward. There are times when we truly aren’t sure what we should do, what is right? That is why we need the presence of God. God could have simply left us with His Bible and said ‘good enough, they should be able to figure this out.’ Instead God left us with His Spirit. He left us His Spirit because He knew we would need an aid and a guide because things wouldn’t always be hot and cold, sometimes the answer to our situation wouldn’t be clear cut. God has the answers. They say listen to your heart, but most don’t really understand how true that is. That pinch in your chest from the Spirit telling you what to do and what to avoid is vital. Do I cross into the promised land when there are giants? My head says ‘not a chance!’ My heart knows that we can take that land because God says we can! Listen for the Spirit when you are uncertain. God sent Him so that we would have the answers to the unclear questions. Trust Jesus and follow His guiding, even if it doesn’t always make sense.

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